3 Quick Guides To Help You Become a Fantastic Bird Photographer

Getting a great photograph of a bird is one of the most satisfying photographs that we can achieve. However, it is also one of the more difficult genres of photography. It takes a little training, and a little bit of work, to become a great bird photographer. We’ve rounded up the first 3 free guides to help you get started!

1. Getting Started

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Tobie Schalkwyk starts you out with a few basic steps to photograph birds: preparation, requirements, minimal equipment. This short guide will give you an idea on where to start and where to go from there. Download here →

2. Moving Up On Technique

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To move along in your skills towards becoming a fantastic bird photographer, you need to make sure you go out knowing what camera settings work for this genre. This includes metering mode, white balance, ISO settings among others. Read more about camera settings in this guide here. Download here →

3. Keeping Sharp

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Birds move around a lot, so how do you get them looking sharp in your photographs? Well, this short guide will guide you through that process. A decent kit, proper use of focus settings and shutter speed are some of the items to take into consideration to achieve a sharp image. Download here →

Additional Resources

If you want to improve your bird photography, check out these fantastic extended case studies on bird photography from our friends at Photzy here. These are 47 pages that you can learn and ‘borrow’ from, to form your own unique ideas on bird photography. Check it out!

Cover Photo By Tomas Kirvėla

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