15 Photos to Inspire You to Use Patterns in your Photography

Patterns occur all around us – they can be naturally occurring or man-made. In photography, it can be a powerful tool to use in composition. As a photographer, it can be a great skill to learn how to look for patterns, and also recognize patterns to use in your shots. You can use patterns to draw attention to your subject or even test your own creativity and create your own pattern photographs.

We’ve compiled some awesome photos to inspire you to use patterns in your photos. Let’s dive in!


victor garcia iaquA2snPbk unsplash
Photo Credit: Victor Garcia
Location: Messeplatz, Basel, Switzerland


victor garcia 0yL6nXhn0pI unsplash
Photo Credit: Victor Garcia
Location: Singapore


colton jones O 11 EImfzY unsplash
Photo Credit: Colton Jones
Location: Sahara Desert, Morocco


clay banks 8SXaMMWCTGc unsplash
Photo Credit: Clay Banks


fabio hanashiro Hp7b3dmiunU unsplash
Photo Credit: Fábio Hanashiro
Location: Lençois Maranhenses in Brazil

Want to learn more about adding patterns to strengthen your compositions? Then check out this article on Patterns in Photography by Leanne Cleaveley here.


photo 1515446134809 993c501ca304
Photo Credit: Joel & Jasmin Førestbird


photo 1458682625221 3a45f8a844c7
Photo Credit: Andrew Ridley


photo 1545000649 57ce18e0b436
Photo Credit: Parker Johnson


photo 1569995917770 11b563e4f123
Photo Credit: Cristian Cristian


photo 1556490496 45afc7b8b8e5
Photo Credit: Ivan Bandura


photo 1485841938031 1bf81239b815
Photo Credit: Annie Spratt


photo 1529480653440 0e5fd1af911c
Photo Credit: Aditya Chinchure


photo 1619213220850 917eb6ca2a52
Photo Credit: Parrish Freeman


photo 1490410006060 e1dc82ab0a70
Photo Credit: Patrick Hendry


photo 1611117775137 d1f64968f0ae
Photo Credit: Yender Fonseca

Feeling inspired now? Well get snappin’ and try adding different patterns in your photos. Read more in this article here which has helpful tips on how you can incorporate patterns into your photos and also how to create your own!

Cover photo by Andrew Ridley

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