3 Free Guides on Photographing in Snowy Weather

Different seasons can make for unique opportunities for photography. For instance, a landscape after heavy snowfall might look different and magical, or perhaps the cold weather makes for a different story you want to tell in your photograph. You can even explore macro photography and brave the snow by capturing a unique snowflake shot. There are many opportunities to take advantage of! 

Here are three free guides to help you navigate the challenges the snow can present when photographing it.

1. Capturing Great Photos In The Snow

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Professional photographer Leanne Cleavely has been bested by snow before, and in this free guide she shares her experience so that you don’t fumble in the cold and still take gorgeous photographs. She’ll walk you through settings for metering and white balance; how to find scenes to really make your image pop; and different ideas to catch snow in action. Download here →

2. The Magic of Photographing Snowflakes

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Photographing snowflakes is an exercise in patience, preparation, and more patience. It may be a bit of a hit or miss situation at times, but this guide will give you tips on how to make the most out of capturing snowflakes and not freezing your butt off in the process! The author will walk you through why it matters to understand snowflakes; having the right equipment (including your clothes to avoid getting cold) and how to prep to get awesome shots. Download here →

3. Dealing With Bright Skies

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Dealing with bright skies is something you’ll encounter when photographing snow. While this free guide is not specifically written to snow-covered landscapes, it will give you good advice on how to avoid the glare of a very bright sky and make the most of your snow-covered landscape shot. Download here →

Cover Photo By Aditya Vyas

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