Capturing the Outdoors: Nature Photography Tips

Nature provides an inexhaustible source of photographic inspiration. Whether you’re looking to capture a dramatic landscape or photograph the delicate details of a flower, getting outdoors and into nature can help you find creative new ideas for your photos. Here are some tips to get you started!

Natural Light

One of your closest allies when it comes to capturing nature photographs is natural light. Take photographs early in the morning or later in the day to avoid shadows from obscuring them.

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Shoot from Different Angles

You don’t always have to shoot from eye level! Instead, get creative and try different angles. You might find a new perspective that will make your photos more interesting than ever before- or at least give you some fun ideas for future shots.

Consider taking photos from odd angles, high or low angles, or even on different heights in order to change your viewpoint.


Patterns in Nature

Some people may find perfectly symmetrical photographs dull. In fact, some individuals might find them to be too mechanical or clinical. However, for photographers who see the world in patterns, these photos provide a unique vantage point that can be both soothing and inspiring. Taking notice of natural rhythms will make your photos even more distinctive whether it’s the textures of bark, the way leaves rustle in the wind, or the flight of a bird.

If you keep an eye out for symmetry, you can also pick up on the subtle but beautiful patterns that occur in nature. Try getting creative with angles and perspectives to highlight these unique compositions as well. 

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Macro Photography

Through the lens of a macro photographer, even the most seemingly mundane objects can take on a life of their own. Flowers, bugs, and leaves become beautiful works of art when captured up close and personal. 

You may take amazing macro photographs with nothing more than the equipment you have on hand if you think you need an expensive camera and lens… think again! You can capture incredible close-ups of nature using nothing more than the equipment you already have…if you use a little imagination. 

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Whether you enjoy photographing the beauty of nature, looking for patterns or capturing macro shots to show off small and interesting details, there is no shortage of photographic inspiration from Mother Nature. We hope this article has inspired at least one person today! For more creative ideas, be sure to check out our Get Inspired blog posts. 

Quick question, what inspires you the most when shooting outdoors? Send us an email at [email protected] at so we can feature it on our socials!

Cover Photo by Alexis_2 via Pixabay

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