3 Free Guides To Help You Figure Out What You Want in a Camera

When you’re trying to find the right camera, you might find the first question is generally – DSLR, Mirrorless, Compact? Then there are the considerations of what lens would work best for the photography you want. Figuring out which camera and what would best suit you can be a bit of a headache! Fortunately, we have three free guides from our friends at Photzy to help you narrow down your options for your next purchase

1. DSLR vs Mirrorless

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Whether it is DSLR or Mirrorless, both camera types have their pros and cons. In this free guide, you’ll learn about the key factors to keep in mind when looking at both cameras, including factors such as size, weight, image quality and lens availability. This is a great guide to start with! Download here →


2. 5 Reasons To Own A Compact Camera

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If you are not sure if a DSLR or mirrorless camera is for you and you tend to shoot mostly with your phone, then a compact camera might be a good middle ground! In this short guide, David Veldman gives you 5 excellent reasons to upgrade your phone camera to a compact one. Download here →

3. Understanding Lenses

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The world of lenses is vast and sometimes confusing. Luckily, Kent DuFault offers some basic knowledge surrounding lens design and operation, to help you better understand the lenses you own, and help you make good purchasing decisions in the future. Interested to read more? Download here →

Further Reading

It can be stressful when you first start learning photography – you’re carrying gear and then trying to juggle all your learning materials in the field. If you want to learn and master photography on-the-go, then Photzy’s Snap Cards photographic training method is for you! Read more about Snap Cards here.

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