3 Free Guides To Help You Go Manual

Any photographer worth their salt will know that using Manual Mode can make the difference between an average shot and a great photograph. It’s not just because it gives you control over all technical aspects of the image, but because it will also give you more opportunity to create the image you actually want to achieve from the first snap.

Nowadays, even smartphone cameras give you the possibility to adjust manual settings. We’ve rounded up three free guides to get you started on your Manual Mode and focus. Check it out and we hope they help you go manual!

1. The Real Reason You Should Use Manual Mode

Manual Mode is confusing! In this incredibly useful guide, Kent DuFault covers the benefits of shooting in Manual Mode whether you are a new or inexperienced photographer. He also explains the other shooting modes and presents the ideal situations where you would use any one of them. This is one of those basic guides that will provide a very clear understanding of shooting in Manual.

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Photograph by Erin Mclean
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2. How to Shoot Manually with Your Digital Camera

Once you establish that you want to start out with Manual Mode, this short guide will give you a fantastic starting point. This guide is all about the “How” – how to get into Manual Mode, how to set your ISO, shutter speed, aperture and Manual focusing too. It’s extremely informative, so definitely check this out to give you an idea on where and how to start in Manual Mode.

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Photograph by Cody Scott Milewski

3. Six Tips and Techniques for Manually Focusing a Lens

While autofocus can generally work like a charm, it’s also a good idea to get a hang on manual focusing as you will undoubtedly encounter moments where you’ll need it. It’s that, or sometimes you’ll find that you simply prefer to do the work yourself! In this guide, you’ll get some basic tips along with suggestions about your gear and how to set yourself up for a successful shoot.

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Photograph by Wes Powers

Want to read more? 

We recommend checking out the DSLR Crash Course by our friends at Photzy! To continue learning about Manual Mode, we highly recommend practicing with your camera and using the key tips you’ve read in the guides above. Practice does make perfect and once you begin experimenting with your images, you’ll find what works for you and how.

If you want to have more information about mastering your camera, check out the DSLR Crash Course. Taking you step-by-step, this informative guide is also filled with practical exercises that show you exactly what to do AFTER changing your camera settings. Check it out now.

Cover Photo By Christian Wiediger

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