5 FREE Guides for Fashion & Portrait Photographers

1. Short Guide to Fashion Photography

We are presented with fashion imagery on a daily basis – even more so now online with advertising and fashion influencers on Instagram. One would think that given how much we are exposed to these images that it’d be easy to take a great fashion photo, right? Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as getting a friend to dress up, put on accessories and make-up, and to take a picture calling it a fashion photograph…At least not a good one. To help you establish the foundations of Fashion Photography, Kent DuFault has written this guide that will outline five of the most important points to consider in fashion photography and other essential tips.

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Photo By Naeim Jafari

2. 7 Pro Tips for Fashion Photography and Creative Portraiture

Professional Fashion Photographer Lauren Gherardi has written 7 amazing PRO tips on how to create portraiture and fashion photographs. How cool is that? In fact, the tips that Lauren has included can be applied to any type of people photography that you might be interested in. They can work for high school senior portraits! Portraits of kids! Weddings! Family shots! Even pet portraiture could benefit from some of Lauren’s tips. It’s all in this great, free guide – with some of Lauren’s amazing photography to inspire you. Ready to dive in? Click the link above!

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Photo by Shatan Rji

3. Creative Fine Art Portraiture

Expanding your portfolio and delving into something creative and different from other photographers can be an advantage. If you want to experiment beyond conventional portraiture and showcase your resourcefulness, or innovative and interesting concepts – this guide will help you get started. Author Stacey Hill aims to help photographers to exude their creativity and skills through portrait photography. Covering a number of topics including posing, using the environment and the setup of the portrait, this guide is a great introduction to creating super cool portraits.

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Photo By Khaled Ghareeb

4. How to Plan a Location Portrait

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Photo By Alexi Romano

In this guide, Portrait Photographer Kevin Kleitches details step-by-step, what you need to plan and produce a location portrait session. It can be a bit daunting when you’re starting out to do a location photo shoot because you might not know what to expect once you’re in the setting and environment. But, preparing for an outdoor location portrait session goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be a large-scale production, but this guide covers the essentials with planning and using a mood board, where to find the best light when you’re on location, how to work best with your subjects, and post processing too.

5. 8 Steps to Better Outdoor Portraits

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Photo By Hisu Lee

Creating a stunning portrait is no easy task, and while it can be difficult, it can also be very rewarding when you capture that perfect photo. This guide includes practical steps from David Veldman that you can readily apply the next time you schedule an outdoor portrait. Don’t worry – it isn’t rocket science! But if you’ve found it hard to nail outdoor portraits in the past, or if you want to try something new and give it a chance, this guide will help you get one step closer to realising your potential in outdoor portrait photography.

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