3 Guides To Turn a Gloomy Day Into A Photo Opportunity!

Have you ever felt full of creativity and the motivation to take photos, only to look outside and be greeted with a dreary and gloomy day? It can really take the wind out of your sails! But, just because it’s overcast outside doesn’t mean you can’t take photos. 

Here are three guides that can help you to make the most of a gloomy day and make your own photo opportunities regardless of the weather. 

In fact, bad weather can actually provide for some excellent photography with plenty of mood. A landscape shot can become far more interesting thanks to the clouds, and even if you don’t feel like leaving your home, taking macro photos of raindrops or items around the house can present lovely and interesting image.

1. Adding Drama With Clouds

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Dramatic skies with big clouds before or after a storm can make for some amazing photographs. Robin Nichols offers his insights in this short free guide on the best ways to scout out good clouds wherever you are; how to achieve a good shot; and how to properly compensate for the exposition as well.  Download now →

2. Rainy Day Fun

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The light variations that a rainy or overcast day can bring are able to be as enticing as the light you can get on a beautiful afternoon. Variations of light quality on a rainy day can be subtle yet distinct. Kent DuFault examines these light variations, but also offers a new perspective on what to look for on a dreary day to turn your shot into photography gold! Interested? Download now →

3. Producing Top Photography In Bad Weather


In this premium guide, Kent DuFault will convince you that bad weather is a fantastic opportunity for top photography shots. Learn the best tips on how to handle changing light; what to look for composition-wise and how to add excitement to a seemingly gray image. Read more here now →

Cover Photo By Melinda Martin

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