3 Free Guides to Create Stunning Food Photography

In today’s day and age, food photography has moved from a highly specialized genre to something virtually everyone has done with their smartphone. It’s easy to take a photo of your food these days, and it doesn’t take a lot of gear either! But if you want to level up your food shots for your Instagram Stories, then check out the following three guides:

1. Stages Of A Food Photography Shoot

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Creating eye-catching, professional-looking photography takes a lot of effort and often much preparation. Check out this free guide to learn what goes into staging a food photography shoot, including steps such as what elements to include in your shot, story and mood considerations, and the importance of the camera angle. Download here →

2. Short Guide To Food Photography

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Photographing food is fun! Who doesn’t love to eat food? So, why not take pictures of it?! In this short guide, Kent DuFault takes you through the fundamentals of food photography. You’ll get a few useful tips, an equipment list, plus a few examples that have been broken down for you to learn from. Download here →

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3. Photographing Food At Home

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Have you ever created a masterpiece in your own kitchen and wished your photos could do it justice in that moment? Who wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to create a fabulous food photo! As one of the most posted subjects on Instagram, food photography will give you plenty of inspiration and subjects to photograph and also get online feedback and appreciation. Want to know what it takes to take amazing food photographs at home? Download now →

Additional Resources: If you want to master more than just food photography on your smartphone, then definitely check out Photzy’s Smartphone Photography Case Studies here. There are 5 Case Studies that delve into specific situation examples you might face, as well as self-evaluating questions and exercises to push you out of your photography comfort zone. If you’re interested in improving your smartphone photos, then get your case studies here.

Cover Photo By Daniel Arriola

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