4 Free Guides To Learn More About Lightroom

Lightroom is one of the most popular editing software, partly due to its easier navigation than its Adobe counterpart, Photoshop, but also because it provides the option to create and import presets to make editing that much easier. But there’s more to this program, so here are 4 free guides to learn more about Lightroom.

1. Color Balance

210113 QG LRColorBalance IMG001

Color balance is an important aspect of editing photos, so your images look as natural as the scene you have photographed. In this guide, you will learn about the temperature of light, how to properly set up your camera, the aesthetics of color temperature, and color balancing of a single light source. Download here →

2. Cropping

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Using the cropping tool in Lightroom can help you gain a deeper understanding of composition in photography. In this guide, you’ll learn techniques for how to use the cropping tool to strengthen your composition. Download here →

3. Details Tab

201216 QG LightroomDetailsTab IMG001

The Detail tab lets you find the tools to adjust the sharpness of your photos and the digital noise levels. This guide aims to show you what effect the Sharpening and Noise Reduction sliders have on your images. You’ll also learn what happens to your photos when you overuse these tools. Download here →

4. Converting to B&W

201111 QG BW Lightroom IMG001 1536x1152 1.jpg.optimal 1

Photographs can often benefit when converted to black and white. In this guide, you’ll find techniques you can use in Adobe Lightroom to help you to bring out the best in your black and white photography. Download here →

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