4 FREE Guides To Spark Your Creativity In Street Photography

Looking to try a different genre of photography? Are you interested in, or want to improve your street photography photos? If you want to ‘up your game’ and capture the essence of street photography, you need to think about this question – ‘How can your photos evoke emotion, make an impact, and leave a wow-factor?’

These 4 eBooks are dedicated to helping you address these elements in your photographs. Let’s jump right in!

1. Street Photography Made Easy

This guide is packed with informative and practical tips that will leave you excited for your next street photography project. Street Photography may sound easy at first, but it takes skill and effort the same way other photography genres do. If you want to shift from being a snap-shooter to creating meaningful street photographs that tell a story and evoke emotion, you need to study the details that will sharpen your skills.

gil ribeiro 0KJW9O2MMuA unsplash scaled
Photo By Gil Ribeiro

2. Using the iPhone for Street Photography

Without a doubt, there’s a definite contrast between using a phone camera versus a DSLR camera. Both have their own uses, advantages, and (of course!) disadvantages, depending on which platform you’re working on. This is not to say that you always pick your smartphone over your digital camera device, but rather to fuel your inclination to use your phone camera in street photography armed with practical tips the next time you’re in front of a very interesting subject! If you’re ready to be more creative and to produce stand out images for Street Photography, click the link above and make sure to get your guide!

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Photo By Michael Sala

3. Making the Invisible Visible: Interview with Street Photographer, Vasco Transco

This is maybe one of the most interesting publications we’ve produced to date. It tackles everything important that you need to learn about Street Photography, but you’re also about to receive tips from top ranking street photographer, Vasco Transco. Transco is a Portuguese photographer who is fascinated by the unpredictability of street photography. Make sure to take notes as Kent DuFault asks deep and interesting questions on Street Photography in this interview.

4. 11 Tips to Help You Master Candid Photography

While the previous three eBooks are specifically on Street Photography, we have included this eBook as we believe it can add that spark to your street shots. In the words of the author, Kent DuFault, “it’s extremely gratifying when you capture that ‘peak moment’.” When you master these types of candid photographs, they create meaning and interest from your audience – whether they were there when the photograph was taken or not. Use this guide to capture candid moments in your street photographs and see how it can help you improve your shots.

jessica knowlden nyBUfH9MkL4 unsplash scaled
Photo By Jessica Knowlden

Take Your Learning a Step Further

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