5 Free Guides To Infuse Art Into Your Photography

I’m sure you’re here reading this right now because you have a desire to explore and awaken the artist inside you – or the title caught your eye and interest!

One of the prime motivations that we made this listicle of free eBooks is to help you craft a new style and sense of creativity without it being too out of bounds for a beginner photographer. As you read these guides, we hope to shed some light to the techniques that you can use so you can stand out or craft your look and voice as a creative and photographer.

If you think you’re ready to step into the new level of photography, check out and download the guides below that you think can help you!

1. The Relationship Between Art and Technology

anne nygard DdzNkI47 Yo unsplash scaled
Photo By Anne Nygård

This guide is packed with great points of discussion for any photo enthusiast. The author takes us deep into the relationship of art and technology as she underscores what’s more important between these two factors. Questions like, ‘what makes great art? What tools do you need to bring your visions to life?’ Or, ‘how can you achieve great images with limited technology?’ These are just some of the few questions that Leanne Cleaveley tackles in this free eBook.

2. The Art of Bending Light

mathilda khoo HLA3TAFQuQs unsplash scaled
Photo By Mathilda Khoo

In this guide, Michelle Eagan discusses a very interesting subject called ‘refraction’, or simply put — the art of bending light. So, if you love a photography project that is more about taking the picture and less about post-processing the image, then this is for you. She takes you through both the principles and the processes for utilizing props and photo tricks. What I like about Michelle’s work is the level of clarity and engagement she puts in this guide. It’s both fun and interesting, and you won’t need too much for this aside from what you find around your house or kitchen.


3. Creative Fine Art Portraiture

shahin khalaji 4BakDvPxmwk unsplash scaled
Photo By Shahin Khalaji

Fine art photographer Stacey Hill explores the idea of conceptual interior portraiture in this eBook. That may sound like an intricate subject to discuss and intimidating, but it’s as simple as putting concept, story, or vibe into your portrait projects. If you love portrait photography, but want to express more of your creativity in your shots, this guide will show you have to move beyond just the focus of your subject staring at the camera. Stacey shares what poses to consider, how to utilize the environment, lighting, composition and a lot more. Do you have any portrait concepts in mind that you haven’t tried yet, but want to? We hope this guide can help you jumpstart your next portrait project!

4. How to Create Photo Twirls

fly d RpB9Y8bOqTY unsplash scaled
Photo By Fly:D

Here’s a super fun one! Check out how to make photo twirls in this guide by Rob Eyers. It focuses on the step-by-step process on how to achieve a twirl effect. For those who haven’t come across this concept yet, Twirl Art is where we take an image, blur it, and then twirl it around its center. The main process that forms the basis of a twirl is easy, but that’s only the start. There are so many things you can do to customize your twirl that the possibilities are literally endless. This guide will give you new twists and ideas of how you can take your twirl to the next level. With these ideas matched to your creativity, you’ll be able to make your twirl art really stand out.

5. In-Camera Special Effects

pawel szvmanski KwMBAyJk8fs unsplash scaled
Photo By Pawel Szvmanski

If you’re starting out in photography, you might correlate the term “special effects” with just stuff that you do in Photoshop. But, that’s not necessarily true and in fact, you can create some in-camera special effects without even moving a mouse. Check out this guide by Jason D. Little as he details how to create special effects that can be achieved in-camera — no fancy software needed. This guide will help you move beyond being a push-button post-production specialist to a fully developed photographer. Grab your interest yet? Click to download it above!

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Cover Photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti

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