5 Downloadable Guides on Light in Photography

If you’re struggling when it comes to dealing with light in different scenarios in your photography, you’re not alone!

There are a lot of considerations that you need to be aware of – principles that you have to understand. It can take time to better understand and develop techniques that will work best for you when you encounter different scenarios while out taking photos.

Lighting is everything in photography. The more you understand how to deal with light, the faster you’ll get to master skills in other relative aspects and fields in this craft.

Take some time today or when you’re free to check out the following guides that we’ve compiled here for you. Take it one step at a time and be patient with yourself and your photography.

1. The Characteristics of Light You Should Understand as a Photographer

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Photo By Victoria Medvedeva

What many new photographers fail to realize is that light constantly changes – the way light illuminates your subject changes as well. You can stand and capture the same image on the same spot at different times but the output will be completely different — that’s because light can change in a snap!

What Jason Row has written in this guide is the very essential foundations that will establish your understanding toward light and shadow, color and light, including the soft and hard edges of light and a lot more! Extend some extra effort to understand these principles and you will see the technical difference when you see your output in your next projects.

2. Shooting in Mixed Light Sources

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Photo By Jeffery Erhunse

In this guide, Author and Professional Photographer Kent DuFault highlights the key to identifying a mixed lighting situation before you proceed in composing your photograph. As detailed in the previous guide, light changes constantly, which means that if you capture an image with mixed lighting, you’ll most likely encounter some challenges in post-production. Learn about utilizing the color temperature, the different types of light, how you can utilize a mixed light, and a lot more! All of these concepts are essential to upping your game in becoming more technically creative.


3. How to Deal with Low Light

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Photo By Sean Mungur

This guide deals with one of the most prominent problems that most photographers (beginners, usually) face, and that is low light. Written by Kent DuFault, he identifies three go-to settings that you can utilize while dealing with low light. These include raising your ISO setting, adding additional light, and increasing your exposure.

Since these three options have positive and negative effects depending on the situation at hand, Kent has laid-out ways to evaluate the scene of the photography, and work-arounds that better deal with low light. The technicalities that he has included in this eBook are very practical and engaging, and we hope this can help you feel more confident in your next photography project.

4. 6 Tips for Working with Backlight

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Photo By Smit Patel

Do you dream of creating images that possess good composition, lighting and sharpness but also project a dramatic effect? Yes? This guide hopes to inspire you to explore the artistic side that backlighting has to offer. Mastering backlight is learned, honed, and requires practice, so you will need a little patience.

But if you master this aspect of photography, you can also apply the same principles when shooting landscapes, people, food, macro, and much more! Not all photographers use this technique, so using backlighting can help you stand out. Click the title to know more about backlighting and exploring it in your photography.

5. Light Painting

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Photo By Annie Spratt

The previous guides focus more on utilizing light in your photography. As a final recommendation, let’s look at a fun photographic technique called “Light Painting.”

Jason D. Little’s eBook on Light Painting offers a way for photographers to get started in learning to capture and paint with light. He has included 10 stunning sample shots that might blow your mind! It’s super fun – check it out!

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Cover Photo by David Werbrouck

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