6 Guides to Purr-fect Pet Photography

If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re the proud parent to a fur baby or know of lots of furry friends that you’d love to get a great photo of! But, saying that is always a lot easier than actually doing. Pet photography can be a challenge and getting that purr-fect (we’re having too much fun with that pun) shot can require patience, skill, but also just knowing your subject really well.

We’ve curated 6 guides that cover tips, tricks, and the essentials that you’ll need to capture a wonderful photo that showcases your pet’s unique personality! Time to dive right in.

1. A Path to Better Pet Photography

This guide, written by Photzy’s Kent DuFault, offers some actionable tips for your pet photography. Learn how to set up candid images that look natural and realistic for your pet photography shoot, to how you can turn playtime with your pet into an award-winning shot. Definitely worth checking out, and you can also easily download a PDF of this guide too!

2. Top 10 Pet Photography Tips and Techniques 

If you’re looking for a quick rundown of what to do before you start photographing your furry pals, read this article. We suggest that you perhaps even write out the headings of the 10 points they outline here as a way to create a pet photo checklist before your photoshoot.

3. 5 Tips for Photographing Pets in Costumes

While we might not need a reason to photograph our pets in costumes, the holiday season is upon us and it gives us plentiful reasons to dress up our pets in those “awww” inducing costumes. It’s also one way to bring some holiday cheer to your Instagram or even the yearly Christmas card. While this guide looks at Halloween as an example, it still covers all the essentials for pet costumes – including pet safety, lighting tips, camera settings, and more! Definitely give this a read!


4. Dog Photography Tips

Ok, so this one is titled specifically for our canine friends. But! The camera tips and fundamentals still apply. If you’re looking to take a fabulous dog portrait, that engages your audience but also captures the essence and character of your doggo – check out this article from our pals at Shotkit.

5. How to Create Heartwarming Pet Portraits

This guide comes to you from the author, Jo Plumridge, who has plenty of experience capturing photos of animals. Her guide covers the kind of equipment you will need, the camera settings you want so you’re always prepared to hit that button, and exposure tips for photographing fur. A super helpful guide for anyone who wants to get into pet photography, and capture the best moments from a pet.

6. Pet Photography Tips with Jenn Cooper

Pets are such important members of the family, and so it makes sense that we’d want to capture their photographs in the same way and effort we do with the human family members, right?! Hone your pet photography skills further with these tips here.

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Photo by Alec Favale

Cover Photo by Kari Shea

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