Feed Your Wanderlust With These 5 Travel Photo Guides

While many of us probably haven’t been able to do much travelling in the last year, we’re sure you can agree that we all are experiencing some wanderlust – or at least, feeling the need of a holiday!

Whether it’s a road trip close to home, or if you are lucky enough to fly somewhere exotic, different or exciting, we want you to be prepared in the photography department. But, if you are stuck at home, then we hope these guides and their magical photos can at least allow you to dream of all the sights you’ll see one day soon. 

1. Photographing Iceland

cassie boca 06jGTfErpWo unsplash
Photo by Cassie Boca

2. Photographing NZ

aneta foubikova ph ldDJS6vc unsplash
Photo by Aneta Foubíková

3. Photographing Grand Teton National Park

cora leach p0jz4pmnl9E unsplash
Photo by Photo by Cora Leach

4. The Very Best Vantage Points to Photograph Yellowstone

ashley knedler CJBNszfpXW8 unsplash
Photo by Ashley Knedler

5. Photographing Small Towns

olivia hutcherson M6PkXg4q2uo unsplash
Photo by Olivia Hutcherson

Cover photo by Ashley Knedler

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