Getting Started in High Fashion Photography

In the age of digital photography, and phone cameras getting better and better each year, the barriers to photography have been reduced significantly. One topic that has always had close ties to photography is high fashion photography. This particular field will offer you so many creative challenges – if you’re up for it! For instance, what is trending is constantly changing and you will never stop learning – not just about fashion but photography too. Here are some guides to help you get started in the industry (just click the headings and they’ll take you to the free guides)!

Beginner’s Guide to Fashion Photography

This guide is an excellent resource for anyone just starting out in fashion photography and wants to learn the fundamentals. You’ll find out about the necessary components of a fashion shot, as well as equipment recommendations and sample images that explain what works and what doesn’t in those photos.

7 Pro Tips for Fashion Photography and Creative Portraiture

In this article, fashion photographer Lauren Gherardi offers seven helpful hints to help you learn how to shoot creative fashion photographs. From generating a mood board for your photoshoot to selecting a model and finding the ideal setting, the techniques and tips you’ll learn will be sure to help you. All of these creative ideas will assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind fashion shoot.

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Organizing your First Fashion Shoot

Fashion photoshoots are a challenge to put together, but with the right approach and some planning ahead of time you can have an amazing shoot on your hands. Photographer Rhiannon D’Averc has prepared this guide to show you tips about what to do before shooting as well as pointers during shooting so that everything goes smoothly when it’s finally happening!

A Quality Photo Contains These Five Contributes

Photography is a subjective art, and we all imagine something completely different as the “perfect” capture. There’s no one way to take perfect pictures; everyone has their own special style for every occasion! This guide covers how to capture a quality photo every time.

High fashion photography is a very competitive market because there are not many photographers who do it, but if you find your niche and gain experience while building your portfolio you will have an edge. It takes time to build contacts but once you’ve found your style and have the ability to create stunning imagery, high fashion photography could be your ticket!

Good luck! And let’s get snappin!

Cover Photo by nastya_gepp via Pixabay

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